We connect donors and their charitable giving with Morgan County’s evolving community needs. As needs evolve, we strategically choose focus areas with an upstream prevention and best practices approach. CFMC currently focuses on these three categories to prevent future generational poverty, build successful workforces, and to encourage an inclusive community where residents want to live, work, and play within our county.

Meet Jacob

Jacob is 17 and will soon be graduating from Monrovia High School. His favorite classes are science and agriculture. Jacob is one of the many students in Morgan County who would be the first to attend college if he so chooses. He is one of the 76% of youth in Morgan County who says continuing education is too expensive to afford and has felt his easiest next step is to follow in his uncle’s footsteps as a welder. He’s also debating a career in environmental science as an agricultural scientist but feels that it’s too expensive and an uncharted career path. Read More

Meet Emma

Emma is 11 years old and attends Bell Intermediate Academy in Martinsville. Like many youths in recent years, she is raised by her grandmother. Emma’s teacher at the beginning of the school year noticed her missing homework assignments and occasional bullying by other classmates. Many of our county’s school corporations have intervention plans for students like Emma. After a few discussions, it was discovered that Emma’s parents divorced a few years ago, and her mom left an abusive marriage to someone addicted to fentanyl. Read More

All Communities Matter

The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) meets community members all over the county in their own neighborhoods to hear various concerns and their own perceptions on the quality of life in their own community.  In these conversations, we dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly.  While attending a meeting at a diner in Morgantown, we asked community members who passed by our picnic bench, “If you were to brag about your community, what would you say?”  Read More

Stories are fictional characters based on real community conversations. Data provided by The Community Foundation of Morgan County’s 2019 Community Survey.

Photos used in stories above are stock images and not real students, people, or farms in Morgan County, license from stock.adobe.com