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Your Story. Our Morgan County.

Barbara B. Jordan YMCA Helping Individuals & Families Build Healthier Lives Each of us builds our energy level through the right combination of exercise, nutrition and rest. If any of these areas are lacking, we suffer. Nutrition fuels our body so we can exercise, but without adequate sleep, we may not have the energy to […]

CFMC Brief: People Need a Hand Up, Not a Handout

EFFECTIVE COMPASSION – EMPOWERING INSTEAD OF ENABLING PEOPLE TO BREAK THE CYCLE OF POVERTY It’s the time of year when families and friends gather together to celebrate the holidays with food and gifts. For some of us, it’s also when we think about the “less fortunate” and extend a helping hand with a blanket or […]

Your Story. Our Morgan County.

Martinsville Youth & Development Center – Teaching Life Skills & Giving Hope to At-Risk Youth There are children in Morgan County living through a revolving door of neglect. They’re returning home each day from school, in many cases without adult supervision, because mom or dad or grandma or grandpa is working to try to put […]