Insider’s Look: Meet our Director, Holly Frye

Q: What’s your background/ affiliation with Morgan County? Did you grow up here? Are you a transplant and if so, what brought you to Morgan County?

A: Holly grew up here in Mooresville. Her father started dentistry practice here when she was 4, prior to serving in the Navy in Texas. After going away to college, she came back to Mooresville and started her teaching career. This year marks her 30th year in education.


Q: What do you love most about Morgan County?

A:  Holly most loves the people of Morgan County. She feels there is a true community spirit here, even though there are separate community pockets. A common thread is indigenous to Morgan County – similarities in communities between lifestyles, simple yet strong family values, comfortable, and welcoming. She has always felt that Morgan County has a sense of comfort to come home to.


Q: Is Morgan County where you thought you would end up?

A:  Yes. When Holly started her career as a teacher in Mooresville, she thought she never wanted to become an administrator. She had many opportunities in Wayne Township and felt called back to serve in Morgan County. She felt her skillset and heart matched where the Mooresville district was headed.  Her heart and passion match what Morgan County stands for.


Q: What professional/ philanthropic organizations are you associated with and in what ways?

A:  Holly feels like her career field in education is, by nature philanthropic. Education has become about serving youth, their families, and our communities. In addition to serving on CFMC’s board, she is proud of being a mother of three and the values she has instilled into her family.

Through CFMC, her role as a director has allowed her to interlace her professional work to improve youth’s lives and education because CFMC is so involved in youth mental health and workforce development.


Q: How do you spend most of your time?

A:  Holly loves reading and spending time with her family. She usually always reads two books: one for professional development and another for fun. She loves the water and traveling since two of her children live on the other side of the country.


Q: Why is philanthropy important to you?

A:  Just like education, CFMC meets people where they are, and she loves being a part of an organization that serves as a community leader and is also an avenue to navigate through the needs of the community.


Q: What motivates you to serve on CFMC’s board?

A:  Holly has enjoyed serving alongside and getting to know CFMC’s other directors. She loves being a part of a group of individuals with the same heart to serve but wider reaching outside of the education field.


Q: Regarding CFMC, what are you most proud of?

A:  Holly is most proud of the way that CFMC provides resources to the community. She feels CFMC staff do an excellent job of getting down to the community’s core needs. Furthermore, CFMC’s President, does a wonderful job whittling down our work into bite-size pieces so the board of directors can work together and make decisions manageable.


Q: What would you tell community members Today about getting involved in their community?

A:  It’s instinct for people to want to help others. Barriers are a thing; how to get involved and where.  But people should know that they have something of value – time, behind-the-scenes work, vision, and direction – it’s not always about money. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask the right questions to get connected.


Q: What’s the best advice you have received that you would pass along?

A:  Something Holly tries to live by and instill into others is to be thoughtful when communicating with or about others – be nice! There are so many times in life that we find ourselves frustrated or hurt by another, and it’s so easy to get wrapped up. We have no idea what others are working through and hiding from others. Being nice and finding ways to make their day easier is the best approach. Most of the time people do not have malicious intent, so it’s best to take a step back and consider a gentle approach.

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